Home Alone Program


For puppies & dogs of all ages!

Presented by Louise Ginman
1-hour video to view online.

Do you have a new puppy or maybe you’ve just adopted a rescue dog?

Set your puppy or dog up right from the start to while away the days so you can get on with your busy life, knowing that they are relaxing safely at home! 

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Image of cute puppy with paws at window looking out

Did you know that dogs are social animals and as such generally enjoy having constant companionship?

In our human world, we need our dogs to learn how to spend time on their own, whether for short periods of time or longer, such as when we head off to work or school.

However, our dogs don’t come pre-programmed knowing how to spend time on their own. If they had their own choice, they’d be with us 24/7!

It’s really important, therefore, that you set your new puppy or dog up for success and help them to feel comfortable when left on their own.

That’s where our Puppy Home Alone Program can really assist you to take the stress out of being left home alone for both you and your dog.

Set your puppy or dog up correctly from the start and enjoy stress-free days knowing that your dog is relaxing or sleeping the day away while you get on with your busy life.