Enrichment for Dogs


For puppies & dogs of all ages!

Presented by Louise Ginman
1-hour video to view online.

Are you struggling with your dog’s barking, digging or destroying habits?

Enrichment is so much more than food dispensing toys – Get some great ideas to pacify your overactive canine, ideas that you can implement today!

Positive training solutions for your family

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Image of a merle Corgi facing a robot dog

Do you feel like you’ve run out of ideas on ways to keep your dog occupied when you need some peace and quiet?

Does your dog love digging, running crazily, barking or destroying things around your home and yard?

Or maybe you’re looking for additional ways to make your dog’s life whole?

Then this training video is perfect for you!

Enrichment for dogs should not be viewed as optional… but rather it is essential in order to meet your dog’s needs.  And It’s so much more than food dispensing items!

Let us assist with some of the challenges you are experiencing with your dog’s overactive behaviours so that you can get back to your busy life.