Toilet Training in 5 Easy Steps


For puppies & dogs of all ages!

Presented by Louise Ginman
1-hour video to view online.

Are you finding little puddles or worse around the home?

If your dog or puppy leaving you ‘nasty’ little surprises, then you need to watch our common sense training video ASAP.

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Image of cute puppy with paws at window looking out

Did you know that puppies cannot control their bladder function at all until they are at least 16 weeks old?

Have you got a puppy that just doesn’t seem to know not to pee and poop in the house? Or is your older dog still having accidents and the vet has said that there is no medical reason for the accidents? Well, our Toilet Training in 5 Easy Steps video is for you!

Our common sense guide shows you how to plan for and set up your toileting area so that it works for your dog. Then it is simply a matter of following our 5 easy steps, all clearly detailed in the video.

In no time you will turn that piddling puppy into a toilet-trained dream.