• Vaccination: Puppies under 14 weeks of age should have a minimum of one vaccination to begin training. For group classes at Hudson Oval, all dogs should be fully vaccinated with either a C3 or C5.
  • Equipment: Dogs must be fitted with a suitable well fitted flat collar or front-attach harness such as the Freedom No-Pull Harness or Balance Harness.
    • Limited-slip collars (aka martingale) and head halters are permissible for those dogs who currently need them, ie. dogs who tend to back out of collars (limited slip) or are at risk of pulling out of your hands (head halter). Our instructors will work with you to remove the need for use of this equipment.
    • Check chains or other aversive equipment are not permitted in class.
  • Sick or injured dogs: Any dog that seem unwell will not be permitted in class unless written advice is provided by a veterinarian that the dog is deemed fit to train.
  • OH&S requirements: Fully enclosed shoes must be worn at all times when training.
  • Dog faeces: If your dog toilets during class, it must be removed by the owner and placed in a suitable waste bin.
  • Under effective control: All dogs should remain on leash at all times while training. Please avoid dog to dog interactions during class – the exception to this is supervised play during puppy class.


  • Full payment is required to secure your place in a class, or prior to the first session for private training consultations.
  • Payment can be made via credit/debit card (Square) or direct bank deposit.  
  • Refunds will not be given once the course has commenced.


  • Any instructions given to you by the instructors/assistants must be strictly adhered to.
  • We train using positive methods only. Owners that use harsh methods or punishment-based training may be asked to discontinue training with us.
  • Positive Dogs reserves the right to refer any cases to another trainer that may be better placed to serve your needs.
  • While all due care and caution is exercised during training class, Positive Dogs is not liable for any injury or damage that the dog, yourself or anyone that accompanies you may suffer or incur.   
  • Positive Dogs is not responsible for damages or any costs arising out of such damage that any person or dog causes whilst training. Responsibility lies with the owner of the dog causing the damage or the person responsible for causing the damage.
  • As with any training program, end results and progress made is dependent upon you as the owner following the advice and methods given to you by the instructor. No method is guaranteed. Results will vary depending upon owner commitment, consistency of training and the degree of the problem/issue.
Freedom No-Pull Harness
Blackdog Balance Harness
Martingale collars