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Looking for a fun activity for your shy or reactive dog?

Discover the sport ALL dogs LOVE.

Scent Work is for every dog!

Scent Work taps into the superhuman smelling power that is the canine nose!

In this beginner’s course, we teach your dog how to use their incredible sense of smell to locate different target odours, starting with the easiest one – food.

As the level of difficulty slowly increases, they learn to solve scent puzzles while gaining confidence working various setup challenges and in novel situations.  

This sport has no restrictions, for dog or owner! Dogs of any age or breed, reactive or sensitive, all are welcome. And no prior training is required.

Class size is limited to 4 dogs and the dogs work one at a time so not only is it perfect for dogs that don’t like other dogs, but you get maximum working time and can watch the other teams develop as well.

Once you graduate, you can continue to enjoy hunting with your dog or sign up for more advanced courses where new target odours are introduced, and perhaps even go on to trialling.

Our course opens the door to your dog’s secret sensory world and you will both have so much fun in the process! So what are you waiting for?!

New 2024 Classes in Ashbury

Introduction to Scent Work + Working with Odour & Beyond
on Tuesday or Thursday evenings!

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