Who We Are

Louise Ginman started Positive Dogs in 2010 after her new Siberian puppy, Mekari, proved to be more of a handful than she was expecting.

As a child, Louise wasn’t able to have her own dog, so she took any opportunity to hang out with, walk or train simple tricks with the dogs of family and friends!

Dogs have always been Louise’s passion and she continues to educate people about living in harmony with their dogs through her writing, presentations, and training courses.

Positive Dogs is now a successful training business with up to six like-minded instructors dedicated to bringing deeper understanding between canines and their guardians. Our aim is to give you the skills and knowledge to help your dog to be an outstanding member of the community.

Positive Dogs believes that training builds better relationships between you and your dog.

We’ll show you how to get connected and enjoy working together.

Why We Do It

In 2004, a beautiful Siberian Husky boy came into Louise’s life named Mekari (pictured with Louise).

He was a typical young dog who loved to pull on leash, play at the park and ignore Louise when it came time to go home. Later he became a little leash reactive, had a few scuffles with other dogs at the park and was very sensitive when it came to being handled or going to the vets.

That’s when Louise’s journey to become a professional dog trainer began – she wanted to be the best person she could for Mekari and consequently qualified as a Delta Accredited Dog trainer.

Mekari was her driving force to do better, be better, and she now shares her accumulated knowledge, skills and love of canines and other species with her clients so that you too can be the best possible guardian for your own dog.

We can all be responsible dog owners with a dog we are proud to take out into the community.

Need help with your dog?

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