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Graduated from Senior Puppy Class?

Or perhaps your sweet puppy has morphed into a monster?

Adolescent Dog Class is for you!

It is an exciting time when your cute puppy starts to become a young adult; a teenager or adolescent. However, it can bring a whole new set of challenges.

Let us take some of the bumps out of the road ahead! Our class will keep your training on track and expand on the skills learned in Puppy or Senior Puppy classes:

  • Sit / Drop / Stand
  • Mouthing / Jumping
  • Clicker training
  • How dogs learn
  • Watch / Stay / Wait
  • Come / Follow me
  • Handling exercises
  • Loose lead walking

New Behaviours & Topics

  • Curbing destruction
  • Learning to settle on a mat/bed
  • Managing distractions
  • Secondary fear period
  • Teaching focus through games
  • Changing emotions with games
  • Continuing socialisation
  • The joy of playing with your dog

Photo by klara welz on Unsplash

Meet Some of Our Happy Graduates

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If your dog does not like other dogs or people, we do not recommend a group class.
Please Contact Us to discuss what would be more suitable for your youngster.

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