Rezan with Bonnie

Bonnie is a 16 week old kitten who was feral when rescued, so I was sceptical about this course as she was still hesitate around people. However, the course helped so much.

When I started training and following the ideas sent by Louise and Cecilia, Bonnie bloomed and become a confident and affectionate kitten. 

We started off with simple things like giving her treats when she was around us and slowly progressed to target training. She has now mastered target training and will climb, cross rooms etc to get to her target. 

She is also now happy for us to pick her up and check her whole body. There is still a lot of work for Bonnie and I to do, but the Cat and Kitten class really helped.

Both Louise and Cecilia are amazing trainers and spent time helping me individually. I would recommend to anyone with a cat or kitten.

Thank you again for such an amazing opportunity. 

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