• Continuing Skills Class

    Have you graduated from our Building Skills Class? Want to keep working on and taking your skills to a higher level. Join our Continuing Skills class.

    The 6 week 'Continuing Skills' class is designed to keep building on the skills you learned in our Building Skills course and prepare you for our top level course Advanced Skills.

     We will continue to work on the following behaviours:

    Clicker training, watch, moving watch, sit, drop, stand, stay, wait, give/leave, loose lead walking and walking close, come, follow me, handling exercises, mat training and husbandry exercises.

    AND anything else you want to work on. The beauty of this class is that  you are all graduates of Building Skills so we can move your training to the next level and tailor this class to the needs that you have.

    Class is run Monday evenings 7.30 pm at Strathfield

    The 6 week course is $160

    To join our next 6 week course - call 0416 090 600 or email positive_dogs@tpg.com.au

    2020 Courses start on:

    20 January 

    7 September