Do you need help with your dog? Positive Dogs can give you the success you have been looking for.

Positive Dogs uses only positive reward based training that is gentle and yet effective. We offer private consults as well as group dog training classes for puppy, senior puppy and adult dog classes.

All classes are run in Strathfield in Sydney's Inner West

Our aim is to provide you with the skills to train your dog for 'real' life situations and provide you with all the important information you need so that your dog becomes a cherished family member that you are proud of.

We believe that training builds better relationships between you and your dog. We'll show you how to get connected and enjoy working together whether at home or when out in the community.

We go through all the basics of sit, drop, stay and come as well as how to keep your dog calm and get your dog to walk nicely on lead instead of dragging you down the street. You will also learn about enrichment, health care, diet and exercise, dog behaviour and body language and much more.

Call us now on 0416 090 600 to discuss your training needs

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    Positive Dogs can assist you with all of your dog training needs. ...