• My Challenging Canine Course

    My Challenging Canine Course for reactive dogs.

    This course has been specifically designed for dogs that bark at, growl,  lunge, snarl at things they are worried about. 

    This course is suitable for dogs that are worried about dogs and people or things in your dogs environment e.g cars, bicycles, vacuums etc.    

    Note - If your dog has a bite history (that caused injury) with humans or dogs then this class is not suitable for your dog. We recommend seeking the help of a Veterinary Behaviourist. Ask us for a recommendation.

    Class has a maximum size of 6 dogs. 

    Training is held outdoors.

    Course runs for 6 weeks at Strathfield

    Course Cost is $450

    Next course begins on 25 May 2020

    To book your place - email  us positive_dogs@tpg.com.au