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    Got a new puppy? Join our ZOOM Puppy class

    YES puppy class is still running during COVID 19. This is a vital time in your puppies life for training and socialisation. Your puppy needs training and socialisation NOW. Our instructors will guide you through all of the vital information and exercises every puppy owner needs right now as well as guide you through how to safely socialise your puppy during social isolation and social distancing restrictions.

    So you have a new puppy already or are planning on getting a new puppy soon.

    The first and most important thing that you can do to get both you and your puppy off to the right start is to enrol in puppy class.

    Puppies should start class by 8 - 10 weeks of age after they have had their first vaccination. So don't delay and book your puppy in today.

    Puppies up to 14 weeks of age are welcome to start class with us. After this age they will need to book into a senior puppy class. 

    So why is puppy class important for your puppy (and you)? If you want a well behaved and friendly puppy who can sit instead of jumping, come when called, lie down or sit when asked, settle quietly on their mat and learn to walk nicely on lead and ignore the distractions of the outside world - then our class is important for you both. Teaching your puppy all these important behaviours now can help create that wonderful companion that you hope for.

    You will also learn how to train using positive reinforcement - gentle reward based methods while also learning about why your puppy does the things he/she does - like mouthing, barking, digging - and how you can gently train your puppy to do the things you like. You'll also learn about toilet training, providing enrichment, teaching your puppy to be calm and relaxed when home alone plus the daily things like how to brush and bath your puppy, learning about your puppies play style and how to socialise your puppy to the world, dogs and people around them.

    For 2020 term dates and our Puppy Class information sheet go to the downloads page

    Our 5 week puppy course is $185 

    We have a maximum of 5 puppies per class

    Classes are run at two locations in the inner west - Haberfield Veterinary Hospital and Enfield veterinary Hospital 

    Classes are run Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm Call Haberfield Veterinary Hospital on  9798 0785 to book into class

    Classes are run Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7.45 pm Call Enfield veterinary Hospital on 9747 3999 to book into class