• 2019 Class dates

    23 January at 11:59 from atlas

    Getting a new puppy? or already have one? Got an older dog?

    We have classes for all age groups from 8 weeks to old age. 

    Are you a graduate of our classes - we have classes for every level and all of our graduates. 

    Move from Puppy class to Senior puppy Class to Building Skills tpo COntinuing Skills to Advanced Skills.

    Don't want to stop there?

    You can keep doing Continuing Skills for as long as you like as this class is tailored to your needs - so we work on the exercises and skills you want and need.

    Our 2019 course dates are now up. Click on the tab for the class you are interested in to see when your course starts.

    Coming soon in 2019 -.Kitten Socialisation Classes

    Check back soon for course dates and location of our Kitten Classes.