• Kitten Socialisation Classes

    At Positive Dogs, we realised that our cats and kittens were missing out on all of  the fun. Did you know that cats can be trained just as easily as dogs? We'll show you how.

    Coming soon in 2020 - Kitten Socialisation Classes.  

    Our kitten classes are designed to teach you all about kitten and cat care as well as provide you with the skills to train your kitten for everyday life at home and when at the vets. You'll learn how to walk your kitten on a harness, walk into and out of their crate, learn vital co operative care behaviours that will make grooming, healthcare and vet visits a dream AND your kitten will get to have fun doing it all and playing with other kittens.

    Our 5 week Kitten Socialisation Courses will be run at Haberfield veterinary Hospital

    Classes are 45 minutes and start at 8 pm

    Course cost is $130