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  • ARTICLE - Activities you can do with your dog

    Check out this free article if you want to find some great activities that you can do with your dog

    37 KB • Microsoft Word • 10 July 2012

  • ARTICLE - Enrichment for your dog

    Use this great article to give you ideas for providing your dog wth enrichment so that they have something to occupy them for when you go out but also for those times when you are busy at home and you need to give your dog an activity to do.

    362 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2012

  • ARTICLE - Holiday options

    What should you do if you need to go away on a business terip or holiday and your dog cannot come. Read this short article on the options available

    483 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2012

  • ARTICLE - Hot days and your dog

    Summer heat can have a great impact on your dog especially while we are at work as your dog must fend off the heat in the yard. Walking in the heat of the day and on hot surfaces can also have detrimental effects on your dog. Read this great article on keeping your dog cool in the summer months.

    259 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2012

  • ARTICLE - New Puppy checklist

    There are so many things to think about and do when you get a new puppy. This handy checklist helps keep you on top of all the requirments of owning a new puppy.

    30 KB • Microsoft Word • 10 July 2012

  • ARTICLE - Puppy survival guide

    Just got a new puppy - puppies can be fun but also challenging for the new owners. Read this article for handy hints and tips to make your puppy owning a wonderful experience

    37 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2012

  • Article - Toilet Training

    This is a must read article for all new puppy owners or for older dogs that are not yet toilet trained in the home. This article provides step by step instructions and a record sheet to toilet train even the most challenging of puppies.

    770 KB • PDF File • 6 September 2017

  • ARTICLE - travelling in the car

    Download this free article written by your instructor about safety for your dog/s while travelling in the car

    85 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2012

  • Building Skills Class information

    Do you have a dog 6 months or over. Join our Building Skills class. This handout contains information about this course. To book your place, call or email us.

    183 KB • PDF File • 23 March 2016

  • Building Skills Enrolment form

    Want to secure your place in our Building Skills class? Download and fill in this form. Once you return it, we can get you booked into class. Hurry though as class is strictly limited to a maximum of 8 dogs.

    38 KB • DOCX File • 6 September 2017

  • Client profile form

    Please download and fill out this form for all PRIVATE consults

    222 KB • PDF File • 26 July 2014

  • My Chosen Breed form

    For clients - Print out and research information about your breed. All breeds of dogs were bred to perform certain functions or roles - this can affect your dogs behaviour, activity levels and training, therefore it is important that you are familair with an aware of what to expect from your breed. If you have a mixed breed dog, you need to print out two copies and research the 2 most likely breeds that your dog is a mix of. Your instructor will go over this infromation with you during your first lesson.

    22 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2012

  • Preparing for your lesson

    Use this handy checklist to help you prepare for your first lesson with your instructor.

    116 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2012

  • Puppy Class information 2017

    Want to join our puppy class or learn more. here is some information to get you started

    187 KB • PDF File • 6 January 2017

  • Puppy Class term dates 2017

    Looking for a puppy class either now or in the future. Here are all of our classes for 2017.

    263 KB • Microsoft Word • 6 January 2017

  • Senior Puppy Class information sheet

    Want to learn more about our senior puppy class or join our class.

    184 KB • PDF File • 6 January 2017

  • Senior puppy class

    Do you have a puppy under 5 months of age but too old to join a baby puppy class? We have the perfect class for you. Pups between 16 and 14 weeks at time of enrolment can join this fun outdoor group class.

    184 KB • PDF File • 23 March 2016

  • Senior puppy enrolment form

    Want to secure your place in our Senior puppy class? Then download and fill in the enrolment form. Once you return the form to us we can book you in. Hurry though as class size is limited to a maximum of 6 puppies

    38 KB • DOCX File • 6 September 2017

  • Terms and Conditions

    For clients - Please print, read and sign two copies of the 'Terms and Conditions' form - keep one for yourself and give the other to your instructor on the day of your first lesson

    251 KB • Microsoft Word • 10 July 2012